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News Update

Nextron Breathing Aids Interconnect Solutions

With the global spread of COVID-19, this pandemic crisis impacts all our beloved families, colleagues, friends, and even our familiar lifestyle. As one of the interconnector suppliers in Medical Industries, Nextron understand our responsibilities to support health care system and ensure people get well medical treatments. Nextron featured SnapLatch series have been… Read Details


GECKO HD SERIES FASTER, LIGHTER, SMALLER Expand from featured Gecko Series, New Gecko HD series accommodate high-speed data transmission with smaller sizes and reduced weights. Anyone looking for a tight geometries circular connector with HDMI or USB3.1 speed, Gecko HD series provide a prefer balance. Gecko HD series are suitable for space… Read Details

5G – A Challenge For Heat Dissipation From Rising Speed

As pluggable I/O data rates and bandwidth continue to increase, power consumption and heat generation are inevitably rising as well, causing adverse effects on high speed product’s performance and reliability. This is especially critical when it comes to 5G era when thermal performance has become one of the most challenging… Read Details
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