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a. ATTEN T900 Series Soldering Tips ( 900M-T Series )

T900-B ( 900M-T-B )
T900-0.8D ( 900M-T-0.8D )
T900-1.2D ( 900M-T-1.2D )
T900-1.6D ( 900M-T-1.6D)
T900-2.4D ( 900M-T-2.4D )
T900-LB ( 900M-T-LB )
T900-K ( 900M-T-K )
T900-SK ( 900M-T-SK )
T900-0.5C ( 900M-T-0.5C )
T900-0.8C ( 900M-T-0.8C )
T900-1C ( 900M-T-1C )
T900-2C ( 900M-T-2C )
T900-3C ( 900M-T-3C )
T900-4C ( 900M-T-4C)
T900-I ( 900M-T-I )
T900-SB ( 900M-T-SB)
T900-SI ( 900M-T-SI )
T900-IS ( 900M-T-IS )

b. ATTEN GT-N100 , 100W Tweeser Handler

  • With soldering and desoldering function.
  • Suitable for soldering and desoldering various SMD devices.
  • Suitable for ATTEN GT-6150, GT-6200 & GT-5150 soldering station model.


c. ATTEN CS-05B Tip Cleaner, 68mm x 44mm

  • For cleaning soldering tips.
  • The soldering tip is cleaned by wiping or turning it in the metal wool.
  • Subsequently, a fine solder layer will remain which prevents fast oxidation of the soldering tip.
  • Represents a considerable advantage compared to standard sponge cleaning.

d. ATTEN AT-E210D Desoldering Tool, 208mm

The Desoldering Pump come with high vacuum force especially made for clearing circuit boards in rework jobs and field repair. ESD safe

  • Soft handle for comfortable grip and non-slip function.
  • Compact size.
  • Anti-rust spring.
  • Quick and easy solder residue clearance

e. ATTEN AT-2515 Soldering Wick, 2.5mm x 1.5m

f. ATTEN AT-310B Solder Pot / Tin Stove, 100mm

Specification :
Power :300w Frequency:50-60hz
Temperature range:50-480℃
Crucible Size:100mm

g. ATTEN JQ-100 Hot Melt Glue Gun

Specification :
Input Voltage:220V/230V/240V(optional)
Power: 100W
Temperature :195℃
Glue stick:11mm

h. ATTEN AT-FJ1 Wrist Strap, 3m Single Channel Anti-Static

  • Strong anti-static. The wrist strap can dissipate the static electricity of the human body
  • High safety performance. The wrist strap is made of thermoplastic material with light, Thin and soft, it is safe to contact with human skin and easy to use.
  • Strong resistance. the impedance of the wrist strap can reach 10⁴Ω